Every face has story

who's telling yours? 

Why should you even consider a professional photographer? 


Everyone has a story, an event, milestone, or accomplishment that happens in your life. Whether that be turning 7, going to prom, leaving for college, getting married, or having a baby.  Wonderful achievements that should be told and preserved for future generations. A professional photographer can help you do that.  

before I think about selling anything; before I even talk about booking a photography session with my clients,  I provide  a consultation .   

As a professional photographer I want to  be part the a solution, not just another  chore or errand that you have to do. 


A professional photographer wants to invest time, and energy into you!

I am passionate and I want to know:

  • why you want this photo session,

  • what do you plan on doing with the photos,

  • where are you planning on displaying your photos?

This information helps us (You and ME) coordinate wardrobe , framing, and sizing to compliment your home.

This is A service that only a professional touch can provide. 

Telling your story and preserving a part of history is a huge deal to me.

I want to tell your story and I want to tell it through capturing your unique and  beautiful  story.  Producing works of art that you can pass down to your children and their children. 


Help!  I am on a mission to educate, celebrate, capture, preserve, and display beautiful cherished memories with heirloom quality that will be passed down at least a 100 years from now. By Capturing Milestones, Saving Memories, I hope to Preserve the Legacies of families and their loved ones. Being a Professional Photographer helps me do just that!


Why print your photographs? 

Who knows what technology will be like in 100 years from now! Media certainly has changed a lot in my time (I MEAN A LOT!!) Could you imagine that 8-track tapes used to be cutting edge? I suppose CD's will eventually follow suit in a long line of obsolete things. 


However one thing has been constant and that is displaying our precious children and grandchildren's portraits on our walls.


 I am boastfully proud to offer a large assortment of high quality products from a professional lab.


Let's talk over coffee or sipping tea  about how we can take care of your professional photography needs, document those wonderful milestones in your life and preserve your precious legacy! 

I can't do it without you! I need you to contact me so we can chat about preserving your precious legacy!




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