RAW versus JPEG, why you should care.

Sometimes I get a client that doesn't quite understand why digital photos are not immediately available for them to have after their session. Some are really surprised that they need developed and then edited.  

Many professionals capture photographs in RAW and not JPEG.

Why am I telling you this? And why do you care? Well RAW is where the camera keeps all of the information at the moment I press the shutter button,

and the camera keeps it all for me. It is the digital version of the film negatives that us older folks like me are used to. I was born the year that Star Wars came out. Yeah the first time lol. 


JPEG is where the camera keeps what it thinks is needed and compresses the file and finishes the information into what we know as a photo. It then discards any extra information. Thus developing the file into a photograph. Although it can still be edited and manipulated to a degree with the information that is still there, you wouldn't be able to recover anything that might not look great.  


Now you don't always have to shoot in RAW, not everyone can be like Allie  :) but you can bet that I am always shooting RAW and most of the of time in manual mode :) 


The above example is a test photo from my 2016 Mommy and Me mini sessions, the ever so gorgeous model is my beautiful daughter Evelyn. In this photo she is 3. she is holding my white card so that I can take some test shots to get my settings adjusted. Obviously it was a good thing I did that cause whoa this photo is blown out horribly. 

However when the day was over I didn't get any more chances to photograph my lovely daughter. I wanted to keep this photo. Luckily I had took these in RAW. Or was it luck at all? It was careful planning.  :) Using RAW isn't an excuse to be careless, it's another tool in my box.  





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RAW versus JPEG, why you should care.

March 31, 2018

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