To print or not to print?

March 15, 2017

I was born in 1977.   A time when Star Wars, Atari, Apple II were new and the 8 track was moving over for the Compact Cassette. Eventually the Cassette would be moving on over for Compact Discs. And the CD would become a waning media when compared USB drives and digital downloads. Apple Macbooks no longer have a CD-ROM drive  and I guess that it won't be long before other computers do the same. The CD's that I burn for my clients are becoming useless. I've already needed to accommodate a couple of my clients. Mind you it isn't a hassle. In fact I love taking care of my clients. Most of whom end up being as close to me as family. 


The one thing we still do? Print our family portrait and proudly hang it on the wall  40 years ago portrait prints were a exciting and beautiful way to preserve and display family memories and that has not changed.  Or has it? 

We have a whole generation of children whose parents have their milestones on their cellphones. From those wonderful baby bumps to those first few days of newborn and new mom to baby's first day of school.


Now I am not saying this is bad or putting me out of work or whatever else people say to shame the general public into putting down the cellphone. Nope. I'm a fan of how easy and convenient it is to have access to a camera. And I might add some of these cell phones surely give DSLR's a run for their money to the novice and that's ok. It's great. Photography is awesome because anyone can pick up a camera and get involved in capturing something special to them. However that doesn't make everyone a professional. It's fun though and it should be.


However my concern is that while more cameras are in the hands of more people, less and less people are printing out those memories with family  and awesome shots of the family pet. 
It is very alarming that we potentially are a hard drive crash or lost phone away from losing our treasured family heirlooms.  Memories that cannot be replaced.

I want to leave you with this one thought. 

What would you say to Billy and Johnny when they asked you to show them their baby photos? What if they were lost due to a device failure?  

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