Amidst the flames...

March 31, 2016

 I was not wanting to write about the structure fire near my home as I was about the photography group I was heading out to go to when I saw enormous flames from a few blocks east ( i think its east) of my home. It happened so very fast. The flames were growing and thick smoke was filling the sky. 

I wasn't sure what was going on, but I grabbed my nikon 3100 (my knock around body) and headed toward the blaze.  After chasing my own brood back to our property I had heard several small explosions which made it was quite clear to me that this had the potential to be really bad. and I didn't want anyone I love anywhere near it. 

My hubbs isn't afraid of anything, I guess I can thank the marine corps for that. It is sexy as hell but scary! and when I hesitated he went right on ahead of me. Neither one of us were as close as the neighborhood kids, who were playing a game of catch with a football right by the garage that was engulfed in flames. 


Before I could cross the street An officer from our local Police Department pulled up and sprang out of his patrol car with what, at least to me, seemed like disbelief that so many people were standing so close to the blaze. 


After I saw the firefighters were in control of the fire, I got a tad more closer to the action but still a safe distance away. These are some of those images I captured. Fire can be a wonderful tool or a dangerously destructive force not to be reckoned with. I am always in awe of fire and nature but I know not to take either for granted. These brave men put their lives in danger to save our lives, properties, and material possessions. I am very thankful to these hero's who run toward danger and keep us all safe.  Yes it was just a garage that burned down however if not contained and extinguished, in my 2 cents, things  could have gotten out of control really fast.  



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