Is your phone bursting with pics?

In today's hectically fast paced world we often let our smartphones and other electronic devices fill up with precious images that we without

intention  forget about until the unspeakable happens and we lose them. Forever. Could you imagine a future where your grandchildren have no photographs of their parents as children? I do not want that to happen to you!




We desperately need to understand the importance of preserving them before that disaster happens to us and those moments are gone forever. I know all too well how heartbreaking that is.  as a younger mom I lost newborn pictures of my oldest 4 children to two computer crashes back in 2004. I still feel terrible in the pit of my stomach. 

I want to help everyone else avoid those pitfalls. I cannot stress enough how putting those memories that we hold dear into a tangible high quality print that we can preserve for generations to come.

As well as the proper digital storage methods for digital format images so future generations will be able to see their heritage and our legacy.


Call me and let's chat about preserving your legacy for generations to come!



 I'm brewing up some tea and eagerly waiting to chat with you about how to preserve your most prized moments!


Do you take honey or splenda? 




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