About Me And Why I Do This Craziness Called Photography. [Part Uno]

March 5, 2016

I 'm Allison Owner/Operator of Mother Hen Photography. I've decided to seriously let everyone in on the real me. I could never play poker my face would give me away instantly and if it didn't my loud mouth surely would...but for some reason writing it down isn't easy.


I care more about people, memories, legacy and love. I care less about material things or the need to keep up with the Kardashians’ or the Jones’. My husband and my children are the center of my universe. Being mom and wife are two of the most wonderfully awesome things I have ever done.


I don’t define my value or worth with material things, what people think of me or my status in life.


I don’t compare myself to anyone else. I am not in competition with anyone. I'm not glitzy or glamourous. Far from it! 


I am very much unlike anyone you have ever met. I may overwhelm you and take life by storm but I will most certainly surprise you! I don't really care who approves of me or dislikes me. That is somebody else's loss and I feel sad for them. I love every pound of myself and every single moustache hair. I freakin seem to get 10 new ones every time I look in a mirror. 



I am strong, protective, passionate, happy, funny, sarcastic, loud, silly and patriotic: I live and love full force. What you see is seriously exactly what you get. This is me at home and in the world.  Normal is a setting on a machine and love is very much underrated.


I don’t know how to do anything half-ass. I can’t image life was intended to be any other way.

I believe in building people up and I also believe that we need to laugh and fill in each other’s flaws and faults with


grace, humility, mercy, and love. I don’t like bullies and I won’t tolerate anyone being bullied. I refuse to take crap from anyone. 

I believe in justice, peace, and that the American dream is alive and well. I believe that we all are part of a beautiful rainbow. I also believe that we need to get our head out of our rear ends!

I believe in integrity, honestly, courage, and love. Love is the only thing in this mean cruel cold world, that can truly cover all the pain and hurt in the world.  


 I believe we are all very beautiful and that to change the world you have to start at home. And more specifically you have to start with yourself. You have to love and nurture and see the beauty you possess to even begin to contribute to the world. My mom always told me that you cannot serve others from an empty tray. She also said you get more flies with honey than vinegar. Now she wasn’t the best mom in the world but she did her best with what she was given. Regardless she was correct. You have to start with you.


Sadly there is no shortage of people who dislike their appearance, feel worthless, or worse....and it is one of the few things that break my heart. Even though I had a really bad childhood, I was still looking at the world and people with rose colored glasses. My mom would always catch me staring. Mostly at her but sometimes at everyone else too. I always wondered if a something was going on that I didn't quite see. No matter how much pain I was dealing with on the inside I always able to get a smile on my face. Our world is beautiful and I am loving everything I see. I'm hoping that I can show you how I see this world. one still at a time.  






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