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Memories are priceless!

Treasure them,

if you are lucky

enough to have them.

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I'm Allie I'm 41 (yup so over the hill!), chubby, full of life!




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Well I see you wanna read more.    Well get your spectacles and a hot cup of coffee and let's dig right in. 

you  have already read that  I'm Allie Henson, Professional photographer of Mother Hen Photography. I'm a mom of 8 kids,one dog and wife to one handsome hubby Steve, who is a disabled veteran and served in the Marines. I am a partiotic person to my very core and so is my little family. 



We are located near Alton Illinois and serve the RiverBend and surrounding communities. I am also a very proud member of Professional Photographers of America, the river Bend Growth Association, and the Knot.




You can see some of my work on the walls at the Alton Square Mall. The mall mural project was a small way of giving back to the community as well as a goal I had from when I was 7 years old walking the mall with my grandparents. I would go on and on to them about how one day I'd have my work at the mall. 

My friends Call me Allie and I am a homeschooling mom to 8 awesome kiddos ​(2 who are productive adults) and wife to an adoring husband, Steve. Things have been a little rough as Steve is a disabled vet and suffers from cirrhosis and complications. He is the love of my life, a wonderful partner and my secret to success.  


Family and community are very important to me, in case you didn't already catch that. I almost always have at least one of my children with me as I train them as we maneuver the ropes of life.


When you hire me as your photographer you are helping a local mom support her family. For that I am so grateful. I truly believe that if everyone added a tiny bit of love into their work, the world would be a truly amazing place.  I am always trying to teach my children so you will see them working side by side with me no matter what I am doing. I think that starting them off with vocational and serving our community with hands on experiences, that equips them to be successful and caring people through serving. We have fun along the way. We make memories as we capture yours. 


I want to take a moment and say that I really need to emphasize that we need to get back to printing our cherished memories. So I'm taking part in the PRINT movement. I believe parents need to be printing those baby pics and milestone photographs and not just leaving them on phones and facebook. What would happen if your phone crashed or got lost?

If you would like to chat a little more feel free to contact me. I would love to chat with you and talk about how to preserve your legacy! 

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if you want to

I'm the woman behind Mother Hen Photography. I have a lot to tell you about me and I looooove to talk!


 I am married to the love of my life and soulmate Stephen Henson, everything about him is just so cool to me! He's known to his friends as Buddha (how cool is that?!!) and we are blessed enough to have 8 kiddos together; 4 boys and 4 girls and call the Alton area home, even though we both grew up in Bethalto.


We care so much about our family, we all deeply love and care for and about each other. We encourage and cheer each other on and teach our children about life with a gentle and loving approach. I want them to have a love and respect for life and we also want them questioning everything around them. 

why and How I Started...
memories are priceless! So very priceless! Treasure them if you are lucky enough to have them.


I started out by catching the same bug that bit my late mother, the shutter bug! Memories were very important to her- even though she had to coax me into being her subject with that 110 film camera she always seemed to have. My mother has since passed away and all those photographs were destroyed by her ex-husband.


I have one picture of her and one picture of me. It deeply grieves my heart those are the inadequate leftovers of her legacy to me. I know she would not have wanted that for her children and  grandchildren.

I also owe  credit  to my late father in law Al Henson, he saw the potential in me that I didn't, and he encouraged me to pursue my talents in photography.

I have since become a mom to 8 awesome kiddos and married to my adoring hubby Steve.
I found myself following in my mother's cajoling footsteps and her sisters never let me forget that I am her copy.


However I am blessed to take it further than she did, I feel like I need to mention before I go on that, things were very different in her time.  I have more options than mom had back in those days and I hope my girls (and boys) will have even more options when they are grown.

I pride myself in offering my clients heirloom quality memories that will last many lifetimes as you pass these gorgeous portraits down to your children and as they to their children. 




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